Chatbots in education
Edubots Webinar Series

Chatbots are getting much attention from practitioners and AI researchers in the last few years.

In the field of higher education (HE), there is still an unleashed potential for all of the stakeholders: teachers, administrative staff, all whole institutions. Sharing best practices & developing new ideas upon chatbots in education topics is the main purpose of the 3-week webinar session organized by EDUBOTS (Best Practices of Pedagogical Chatbots in Higher Education) team.

In this series, we'll offer three different keynote speakers who will bring the chatbot advantages closer to all interested sides in HE.

Join us in a deep dive into what opportunities exists when it comes to chatbots in higher education.

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Webinar 3: 16th of June, 13:00-14:00 CET
B.A.R.I.C.A. - Beautiful ARtificial Intelligence Cognitive Agent

Markus Schatten, PhD, Associate professor and head of Artificial Intelligence Lab University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics. 

Research interest: Artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, computer games

B.A.R.I.C.A. is a cognitive agent developed at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb primarily for university student support. The system has a speech-to-text and text-to-speech interface that allows conversation and provides information about the faculty, the staff, various parts of the building as well as other similar data. In the webinar we will showcase the implementation process of B.A.R.I.C.A., its components (frontend, backend, casing) as well as used technologies and techniques of implementation. B.A.R.I.C.A. is open-source and open for further development.

Previous events

Webinar 2: Thursday 10th on June 15.00 - 16.00 

Design, develop, deploy: the life cycle of an admissions chatbot pilot at the University of Edinburgh

Myles Blaney - Senior Learning Technology Service Manager at The University of Edinburgh.

About Myles: 
Myles has a keen interest in exploring learning technology adoption and investigating new trends in Learning Technology.

In 2018 our University took the strategic decision to explore the opportunities of micro-credentials for delivering online education to larger groups of learners. One aspect of delivering online courses at scale is the increased burden on support staff answering administrative questions regarding the programme from a global audience across all time zones; questions such as: when does the course start?. These questions are usually answered by school offices or academics staff and are often repetitive, with most answers already provided in guides, webpages or via other resources. The University of Edinburgh was keen to investigate whether a chatbot could be utilised to reduce the resource burden on general course support for administrative queries whilst providing users with an instant automated response at any time in the day or night.   Chatbots were an unknown and this talk will walk through some of the practical considerations and the end-to-end processes from design, development and deployment along with discussing the next steps.

Webinar 1: 2nd June at 15-16 CET

From start to finish; Chatbots supporting students through their student journey

Marita Skjuve, researcher and PhD fellow (SINTEF)

Chatbots are starting to be acknowledged as a tool to support online students. Research tends to focus on specific tasks chatbots can carry out, but few have looked at how chatbots can be implemented to support students through their student journey. We set out to close this research gap and carried out two studies to understand how chatbots can support online students through their student journey. In study 1, we interviewed three student counselors with an objective to map out the student journey and identify different challenges in the different phases. In study 2, we interviewed eight online students to under-stand what challenges they are facing. Based on these results we present a pre-liminary roadmap exemplifying how chatbots can be used to support online stu-dents through their student journey.

Marita's main research area involves understanding relationship building between humans and chatbots. Currently looking at how chatbots can support student needs through their student journey.


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